Last few weeks have been quite a mess. Our 12 year old dog , Robin, has been quite sick.
Even after 6 weeks of oral antibiotics and painkillers and another week of intra-venal fluids, Robin continues to be sick. The whole household is observing him through this and one of his loved ones is always comforting and cajoling him. We take turns to play the “night nanny” and set alarm to wake up and check whether he is comfortable. ( to tell the truth to check whether he is breathing).
We all worry and wonder whether he is in pain or is he hungry, is he feeling cold or warm, will he catch a cold, is he getting fresh air, is his water bowl fresh or is he wanting to relieve himself. Despite all the attention, Robin just wants to curl up and sleep and probably just wants us to get off his back!
Robin has been without any food for the last 10 days and now he needs to be picked up and taken out for his “pee” time. He has never been a “touchy feely” kind of a dog. He had set his boundaries very clearly and the last time I would have picked him up and carried him would have been when he was 6 months old.
As I picked him up to take him for his morning walk today, I cooed to him how lovely he is and how much we love him. We both reached the lift and I felt his body stiffen against my chest. He turned his head around and gave me a big sloppy kiss on my cheek. I also felt his tail wag briskly. He quickly changed modes and started gazing at himself in the lift mirror!
Anybody who knew us and/or Robin, knows that this is a “big deal”. He has never shown his affection is sloppy licks. We all know he loves us in his own characteristic aloof manner but hugs, tugs and licks are not his cup of tea.
One realization really hit me hard ! While we have all focused on his sickness and trashed our minds on the eminent outcome, he has only been living the moment. He does not care about the next hour or the next day. He showed me with that sloppy kiss that he is happy for that moment, to be alive and looking forward to the little time of smelling the earth and feeling the breeze on his face.
Even in sickness, he is “alive”! He taught the real example of “mindfulness”. On the contrary, we have tortured ourselves over the last few weeks with worry and sadness over his health and future.
I learnt a big lesson from my little doggie son with a wise soul within his broken body! Love you, my BOY!

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